This past weekend, we held our annual USF Bowling Team tryouts at Pinchasers East Pasco. A lot of familiar faces returned for another year (with a couple members reaching their 4th and, sadly, final year), while we also had the treat of welcoming new members to the team.

Tryouts were, needless to say, difficult. Our coaches handpicked two different oil patterns to test our abilities on the lanes, and they proved their difficulty. For reference, a typical oil pattern put out for those going to have fun is called a House pattern, and it covers 38 feet of the 60 foot lane with oil. For tryouts, our coaches picked a pattern called “Kaioken” that only covered 33 feet of the lane, and another pattern called “Autobahn” that covered 42 feet of the lane. The difference in how these lane’s played cannot be understated. To increase the difficulty even more, we had one pair of lanes with just the short pattern, one pair with just the long pattern, and another pair which had both (one on each lane). We switched pairs after each game.

The long pattern proved to be the easiest for everyone though, scores were consistently higher on that one as compared to the short pattern, such as Kevin shooting the weekend high with his 256 game.

While the long pattern was the clear favorite, special mention should be given to the bowlers who bowled consistently well.


  • Derek Ayers: 201, 172 (Short), 204, 247 (Long), 188, and 182 (Both)
  • Nathan Eder: 164, 190 (Short), 225, 201 (Long), 173, and 232 (Both)
  • Ian Fournier: 168, 192 (Short), 164, 182 (Long), 203, and 187 (Both)


  • Mallory Berner: 170, 173 (Short), 205, 228 (Long), 157, and 168 (Both).
  • Katarina Zeigler: 154, 172 (Short), 152, 224 (Long), 163, and 167 (Both)
  • Marian Smallin: 208, 161 (Short), 182, 126 (Long), 143, and 161 (Both)

Outside of the actual bowling performances, the teams generally seemed to blend well together. Even the newer members joked with some of the older ones, and vice versa.

The key word after this weekend though is “potential.” The patterns we bowled on were difficult, and the scores showed. But the point of bowling on something so difficult isn’t to pick out the strong from the weak, it’s to find out individual technique, to test communication among members, and for the coach’s to get an impression of each of the bowlers. There wasn’t a single bowler out there who the coach’s looked at and said “I don’t know how to help them improve.”

With the fun we had, the generally good bowling we did, and the communication we had on the lanes, it’s looking like this will be a great year for the USF Bowling Team.

Go Bulls!